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University of Maryland Lecture

Recently YA's Shinya Yamada gave a guest lecture to a group of architecture/planning/preservation students from the University of Maryland. The lecture, titled The Sensibilities of Traditional Residential Architecture in Kyoto, was held at one of the city's superbest Sukiya-style buildings which allowed students to physically experience the subject matter on the spot.

Starting with the topic of sensitive use of shadow & light depicted by In Praise of Shadows, the essay from the 1930s, the lecture discussed Wabi aesthetics along with tea house/Sukiya architecture. Design of Machiya was also discussed in detail, casting light on its practicality as a high-density live-work urban housing type. Some construction site photos and anecdotes of YA's Machiya renovation projects were shared.

Shinya Yamada, AIA (photo by H. Iseki)

UMD students during Yamada's lecture (photo by H. Iseki)


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