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Reminded by Corn Tortilla

(日本語版は末尾にあります) Recently visited a decent Mexican restaurant in Kyoto, which seems to be in severe short supply. This was my first Mexican food experience in over 10 years since returning from California.

The flavor of corn tortillas reminded me of L.A.'s Pico-Union neighborhood where I worked pro-bono along with friends on a community garden revitalization project. I cannot believe that was about 20 years ago. Back then we were all looking for some opportunity to serve local communities, the ones in need in particular. We were fortunate enough to get much involved in this joyous project.


とうもろこしトルティアの風味に、ロスアンゼルスのPico Union地区のことを思い出しました。もう20年前になるのが信じられませんが、友人たちと一緒に奉仕でコミュニティ・ガーデン再生事業をした界隈です。あの頃の私たちは、普段の設計事務所での仕事を飛び越えて、地域社会、とりわけあまり裕福でない地区に貢献する機会を求めていたんですね。これほど楽しくてやりがいのある事業に参加できたのは幸運でした。


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