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The Bundled Column House



An old row house renovated into a simple modern low-cost vacation home.


The existing 100+ year-old row house had apparent structural issues; leaning columns and buckled exterior earthen walls, just to list a few. Apparently some structural retrofitting was necessary. Also, higher ceilings were required throughout the new interiors.  


In response to those requirements besides the tight construction budget, Yamada Architecture devised a simple design that features bundled columns. 


On the interior side of the existing buckled exterior walls, new furred walls were added to provide structural support and also to accommodate thermal insulation and electrical system. The existing leaning columns were bundled with new posts. The bundled columns in conjunction with their arched plywood gusset plates provide rigid column-to-beam connections that are designed to prevent structural collapse in the event of rare severe earthquakes damage, while giving the new taller interior space a distinctive aesthetic character.

​(All photos by Yohei Sasakura, unless otherwise noted)


​Full renovation of a row house


Kyoto, Japan


89 sqm


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