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Fees etc.


Service Fee

For new construction project:

10 to 12% of the resulting construction work bill


For renovation project:          

15 to 18% of the resulting construction work bill

Other Additional Fees and Expenses​

In addition to YA’s architectural service fee described in the "service overview" section,

other fees and costs listed below may be incurred depending on your project scope.

You will be informed of an estimate of those additional costs during the pre-design consultation or prior to signing a service agreement with YA.

■ Travel expense, revenue tax stamps

Structural design fee(around JPY300 K or more)

■ Mechanical & electrical design fee (typically not needed for private residences or projects of similar scope)

■ Existing building survey and drawing cost

■ Lot survey cost(outsourced)

■ Geotechnical soils report cost(outsourced)

■ Public agency fees for plancheck, permitting, and site inspections


■ Additional service fees

□ Renovation projects that requires public agency permitting

□ Additional procedures required by public agencies for mid/high rise buildings, hospitality facilities, etc.

□ Additional documents production and processing for loan and other certificate applications

□ Design changes after construction documents phase that affect structural design

□ Any other costs noted in our service agreement







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